Our Mission Statement

The Nemeton of the Ways is an expression of modern Pagan spirituality devoted to reawakening humankind’s relationship with the living Earth, our holy Ancestors, and the great host of life with which we share the Land and the Waters with in a spirit of inclusivity and compassion, drawing inspiration from our ancient forebears in forging a spiritual path that speaks to the present times.  To further this great work, the folk of the Nemeton of the Ways will foster the creation and recognition of sacred sites across the Land, celebrate regular and ongoing rites and offerings in relation to the cycles of Nature, and ever seek to lift up and defend the inherent sanctity of all life.

Our Articles of Faith

  • We acknowledge and honor the Earth as the Great Mother of us all, humankind and non-humankind alike, making us all kith and kin, and that thereby the Earth and all Her children are to be held in reverence.  
  • We acknowledge and honor the Gods and Goddesses of our ancient forebears, ever seeking purposeful engagement with the divine.
  • We acknowledge and honor the myriad hosts of Spirits with which we share the Earth as home.
  • We acknowledge and honor our Ancestors, both those of blood and bone and those of our philosophies and traditions.
  • We acknowledge and honor that the walk of faith is personal and unique to the individual and their experience, and therefore do not seek to establish burdensome dogma to compel adherence to man-made moral systems; rather we seek to foster meaningful dialogue and experience with the natural world to aid any well-meaning seeker to reawaken the divine within.

Membership Policy

Those who seek formal membership within the Nemeton of the Ways are expected to be community member in good standing, be at least 18 years of age, be regular participants in the Nemeton’s ritual and community life, as well as supporting the work and infrastructure of the Nemeton of the Ways within their means.  Prospective members will meet with a Priest of the Nemeton who will ascertain the seekers intentions for joining, and will review with them our Mission, the Articles of Faith, and the Agreements.  If the prospective member finds that they are in accordance with all of those, they will sign a copy of the Agreements which will then be entered into the Nemeton’s official records.